Get Involved

An assortment of refurbished childrens' bikes outside the Buckmasters Circle Community Centre

Ordinary Spokes is run by volunteers! To get involved, please contact us or sign up to our email list.

Volunteers can be…

If you’ve got bike repairs skills and knowledge that you’d like to share, you will make an excellent addition to our roster of bike mechanics. You can work with folks who drop-in for repairs during the repair shop hours, work on refurbishing and repairing used bikes, and work with budding mechanics to improve their skill.

We do our best to pair mechanics with mechanics-in-training during our open hours. Our aim is to empower cyclists of all experience levels. Working in the shop will give volunteers hands-on experience in a low-pressure environment.

Promoters & Outreachers
We want to build bike culture in the city. We could use your talents to make promotional materials or organize an event with us.

Workshop Facilitators
We want to host many workshops, from bike repair how-tos, to long distance travel strategies, to rebuilding your bike to be a power-generator or record-player. If you’ve got something in mind that you’d like to share, please contact us.